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At the rampart of Malm÷ CastleAt the rampart of Malm÷ Castle
Date: 2010-03-20.
Aagerup, Sealand, DenmarkAagerup, Sealand, Denmark
Date: 2009-12-20.
Glen Nevis, ScotlandGlen Nevis, Scotland
Date: 2008-08-04.
The black sheep in AagerupThe black sheep in Aagerup
Date: 2009-12-20.
Moonlight SerenadeMoonlight Serenade
Date: 1980-02-29.
Dreaming of a white GreenlandDreaming of a white Greenland
Date: 1980-02-29.
Southern Greenland, QassiarsukSouthern Greenland, Qassiarsuk
Date: 1980-02-29.
Southern Greenland near IgalikuSouthern Greenland near Igaliku
Date: 1975-08-05.
To be or not to beTo be or not to be
Date: 1974-07-15.
Tun° in Kattegat, DenmarkTun° in Kattegat, Denmark
Date: 2009-05-09.

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